Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Chris & Sam on the Quail hunt
Looks like a successful hunt!
Those birds are sure tasty!
Sam drew for the Junior's only deer hunt (doe only) up in the Kaibab.
He shot his deer late afternooon of opening day!
What a shot! His first deer!
He was so excited, it was a short, but great trip!

Joe & Sam with deer after skinning.
It was sooooo cold!!!

Joe & Sam at our campsite
Thanks goodness for the camper ~ the heater worked great!

Debbie & Sam at our campsite
Just had to put the drinks outside the door ~ they stayed nice & cold

Quinn & Sam at Lee's Ferry
We stopped and looked around
Beautiful scenery!


JLAMWOL said...

Go Sammy! That is awesome! I still can't believe that doesn't bug Sam skinning it and all!

JLAMWOL said...

So I was just showing Weston the pictures and when we got to the picture of the skinned dear he said, "wow that is a huge girraffe!
" Goes to show even more reason grandpa has to take him hunting:) LOL