Saturday, February 28, 2009


We went to Rocky Point in February for the JJ's fishing derby.
It was quite windy, so we only got out on the ocean one day.
The fishing wasn't too good this trip, however one guy did bring in a 255 lb. black sea bass, but unfortunately it wasn't any of us!
But we had a really good time ~ how can you not have fun in Mexico!
It was cloudy and windy, this is the sunset through the clouds

Jeff & Joe trying to hook up the satellite

Almost got it!

Pirtate Ship sunset cruise

Jeff & Tegan

Old Port from the balcony at the restaurant
Guess Who?
Amanda, Jeff & Tegan

Amanda, Jeff & the crazy waiter!

All of us!

As I said, the fishing wasn't too good!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Super Bowl XLIII was a hit! We had a full house, over 20 people showed up for the party, lots of food and lots of fun. First of all we had to seperate the recycleables from the.....

....TRASH!!!Karen, Breanna & Brittany (Brittany made Bre's shirt)
Here's the crew ~ Derrick, Deb, Joe & Kristi
We're missing Jason!!!

Tom Smith ~ one of our pool buddies!

Eric & Noel

Sonny & Kristen

The Newlyweds ~ Kristi & Jesse

Karen & Julie, my partners in crime!!!

The Super Cool Dudes ~ Bryce & Derrick
I wonder what they're always looking at???

And even Mason was rooting for the Cardinals!

We finally get to sit down!

Half-Time with Bruce ~ I think he was saying, "The Cardinals are #1"
Time for the 3-D preview ~ thanks to Karen we all had 3-D glasses

Brittany in 3-D

The happy boy Mason

After the game, it was time to play some pool.
Quinn making his shot

OH, LOOK, Jack even showed up for the game!
Kristi bought him for me for Christmas ~ oooh,lala

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We were in Rocky Point for the New Year and of course, to start the New Year off right, we had to go fishing!! The weather was really nice for New Year's day and the day after and then it turned really cold and kind of windy. But we did get some good fishing in!!
We saw lots of dolphins again, but I'll only bore you with one picture.

We got some really good pictures of some pelicans, they hung around with us all day.
Here's some following behind the boat

Here's a whale that came to visit

Joe's pinto bass

Scott's pinto bass

Joe's 80 lb. black sea bass, as you can see, he's having a hard time lifting it for the picture. We had a really great dinner.

Then the storm came in and it turned quite cold

No more fishing for the weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here's some pictures of our trip to Kauai, Hawaii in August.
My camera went haywire, and I thought I lost them all, but Kristi, Miss Computer Whiz just recovered them for me! We were so happy we got our pictures, we're sharing them with you!
This is Joe, Tracey & Bob in front of an old Church

Joe & Debbie in front of the same church

Joe with a cool, old tree

Bob & Tracey front of an old lighthouse

Just some beautiful scenery

Joe & Tracey in the scenery

Bob in the scenery

Joe & the ocean, too bad he didn't have a fishing pole!

We were all going down this trail to the beach ~ how beautiful!
Debbie, Tracey & Bob

The beach at the end of the trail

The opening to the beach at the end of the trail.
Joe, Bob & Tracey

A palm growing out of the side of the hill.
This was on the trail to the beach.

Joe in the cave at the end of the line.
You can only drive so far around the Island & then you run into the mountains at the Napali Coast ~ you have to turn around and drive back the way you came.

Debbie in the cave!

Debbie way back in the cave!

The beach at the end of the line

Bob & Debbie at another cave with a lake