Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here's some pictures of our trip to Kauai, Hawaii in August.
My camera went haywire, and I thought I lost them all, but Kristi, Miss Computer Whiz just recovered them for me! We were so happy we got our pictures, we're sharing them with you!
This is Joe, Tracey & Bob in front of an old Church

Joe & Debbie in front of the same church

Joe with a cool, old tree

Bob & Tracey front of an old lighthouse

Just some beautiful scenery

Joe & Tracey in the scenery

Bob in the scenery

Joe & the ocean, too bad he didn't have a fishing pole!

We were all going down this trail to the beach ~ how beautiful!
Debbie, Tracey & Bob

The beach at the end of the trail

The opening to the beach at the end of the trail.
Joe, Bob & Tracey

A palm growing out of the side of the hill.
This was on the trail to the beach.

Joe in the cave at the end of the line.
You can only drive so far around the Island & then you run into the mountains at the Napali Coast ~ you have to turn around and drive back the way you came.

Debbie in the cave!

Debbie way back in the cave!

The beach at the end of the line

Bob & Debbie at another cave with a lake

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JLAMWOL said...

Awesome pictures! The weather looks amazing! I wish I was there!