Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Super Bowl XLIII was a hit! We had a full house, over 20 people showed up for the party, lots of food and lots of fun. First of all we had to seperate the recycleables from the.....

....TRASH!!!Karen, Breanna & Brittany (Brittany made Bre's shirt)
Here's the crew ~ Derrick, Deb, Joe & Kristi
We're missing Jason!!!

Tom Smith ~ one of our pool buddies!

Eric & Noel

Sonny & Kristen

The Newlyweds ~ Kristi & Jesse

Karen & Julie, my partners in crime!!!

The Super Cool Dudes ~ Bryce & Derrick
I wonder what they're always looking at???

And even Mason was rooting for the Cardinals!

We finally get to sit down!

Half-Time with Bruce ~ I think he was saying, "The Cardinals are #1"
Time for the 3-D preview ~ thanks to Karen we all had 3-D glasses

Brittany in 3-D

The happy boy Mason

After the game, it was time to play some pool.
Quinn making his shot

OH, LOOK, Jack even showed up for the game!
Kristi bought him for me for Christmas ~ oooh,lala

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